Total Recall VR - Classic Desktop

Oops! You've stumbled across an old product page.This product has been replaced by the all-new Total Recall VR LinX Neos.

Classic Desktop Recorder Heading

Total Recall VR Classic Desktop is the professional, stand alone voice logging solution for multi channel telephone or radio recording requirements. Utilised by enterprises, goverments and military worldwide in mission critical environments, Total Recall VR can record VoIP, analog telephones and radios reliably and securely.

Live monitor, search and replay calls from the built in control panel, with simple navigation keys and a big, bright 130 x 97 mm TFT LCD display. Alternatively, all unit functions and configuration can be managed via your network and Remote Manager - Windows ™ PC software included with unlimited licenses as part of your voice logging solution.

Your solution can be managed from the built-in control panel via three menus (Logging, Search and Options) and four simple navigation keys. Call replay control keys (play/pause, fast forward, rewind, stop) are also included.

Record up to 24 simultaneous analogue channels from any line-level audio source - telephones, 2-way or broadcast radio, intercoms, microphones and more. Inputs are standard modular jacks that are compatible with a wide range of accessories. Alternatively, mix-and-match up to 8 analog channels with 8 VoIP channels. Analog channels can be from any line-level audio source - telephones, 2-way radio, intercoms etc. Inputs are standard modular audio jacks that are compatible with a wide range of easily available accessories. Analog channels are field upgradable in 4, 8 or 12 channel multiples, up to the maximum of 24 channels. Additional VoIP channels are activated by a simple license key, up to the maximum 8 channels.

Start and stop recording (depending on your telephony interface) by voltage detection, VOX detection, SIP/H.323 session and Record-on-Demand (software or DTMF code control, where available). Beep tone is selectable per analogue channel, and access to live monitoring is configurable per user-defined extension. Record-on-Demand gives users the option to record or discard current calls, or even to partially record calls if required. Record 100% of calls, or between user-defined times - the choice is yours.

Store up to 190,000 hours / 350,000 individual calls onboard at 16 kbps HQVQ compression. You also have the option to automatically archive calls at pre-set intervals to inexpensive CD or DVD media. or to a USB storage device. Optional Blu-Ray support provides portable ultra-high capacity archiving possibilities.

As Total Recall VR is CentOS Linux based, you can take advantage of the security, speed and reliability of an enterprise-grade UNIX operating system.

All unit configuration, live monitoring, search and replay functions may be performed from the convenience of your networked PC running Windows XP/Vista/7. Copy calls from your Total Recall VR unit or archive discs to your computer, or email calls in .mp3, .wav or secure .trc formats. Remote Manager can also be used to add notes to calls in real time, which can later be used as a search parameter in conjunction with time, date, channel, extension, call direction, number called or CLI (where transmitted).

Multiple password secured access levels ensure that important system functions are only available to authorised personnel. Access to all software functions and recording/monitoring channels is completely configurable on a per-user basis, which maintains your data security while extending the benefits of recording to more people within your organisation.

Use and manage multiple Total Recall VR units with one PC using Remote Manager, across the room via a LAN or across the world with a VPN.