Total Recall VR LinX Neos Released!

Compact, professional desktop voice logging system. 24 analog + 30 VoIP channels.

We are very exceited to introduce the latest addition to the Total Recall VR family: Total Recall VR LinX Neos!

LinX Neos is an exciting new product release which represents a major upgrade compared to the recently retired Classic Desktop model. Running the latest LinX v10.7.0 software, LinX Neos supports up to 24 analog channels in combination with up to 30 VoIP/RTP/DMR channels. This is perfect for combining (for example) analog radios with VoIP telephones, or DMR radios with analog consoles, or any combination in between - flexibility is a standard feature of Total Recall VR!

Physically, the LinX Neos features a robust, compact desktop enclosure, retaining the familiar control panel with built-in 7" widescreen TFT LCD screen and control keypad. The system features 2 x LAN ports for easier integration with VoIP/RTP channels and PCs running Remote Manager. The system uses the latest 64-bit Intel Atom technology for even greater speed and reliability.

A Blu-ray archive drive is included as standard, along with support for USB and Network Archiving. LinX Neos supports up to an incredible 600,000 hours of on-board recording storage.

We are accepting orders for LinX Neos now, with first deliveries anticipated for late March 2015.

If you have any further questions or comments please just let us know.