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Oops! You've stumbled across an old product page. We no longer stock Call Mynah products, please contact us for more information or assistance.

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CCNC Solutions is proud to introduce the Call Mynah mobile phone recording accessory to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

This easy-to-use device is the world's only universal mobile phone recorder - it works with any Bluetooth compatible mobile phone. All calls made and recieved on the Call Mynah are professionally and securely recorded to internal memory (up to 340 hours), with PC software included for convenient call replay and long-term backup. At only $245 AUD, including GST and delivery within Australia, this mobile phone recorder is available for both enterprise and private users.

The Call Mynah mobile phone recording accessory connects to your handset just like any other Bluetooth device. You simply ‘pair’ your cell phone recorder with your mobile phone (full instructions provided - this only takes a minute) and then you’re ready to record your calls!

Whenever you want to record mobile phone conversations, you must use Call Mynah to talk to your caller (NOTE: Call Mynah will not record calls when you talk directly on your mobile phone).

You can answer calls directly on the Call Mynah, and you can make outgoing calls using the built-in keypad and phonebook. You can also easily switch between using your mobile handset and the mobile call recorder whenever you want to record your mobile phone calls.

To give you the same functionality as your mobile, the Call Mynah mobile phone recorder can operate in Handset, Speakerphone or Headset (supplied) mode. To make it easy for you to answer and record calls on the move, we include a headset with an 'Answer' button.

If you want to make and receive all of your calls with the Call Mynah device, simply leave your mobile phone in your bag and use Call Mynah for all incoming and outgoing calls (Bluetooth has a range of around 10 Metres).

Call Mynah can ring, flash or vibrate on incoming calls along with your mobile if you want it to.

Your mobile phone recordings will include Caller ID (where transmitted) for every call, as well as the date, time, duration, calling/called number, call type (incoming, outgoing, unanswered etc.) – all the same information that is captured by professional call recording systems for landline phones.

Windows-based PC remote management software is also included with your Call Mynah, so you can easily search, replay manage and archive your mobile phone recordings. Thanks to our partnership with Codeweavers, we can now offer Mac users this functionality as well, with the assistance of a (cost optional) 'crossover' application. For more information on obtaining the Windows-to-Mac crossover software, click here.

Call Mynah from CCNC Solutions is the professional and easy-to-use solution for recording mobile phone conversations. Contact Us for more information on purchasing and using the Call Mynah mobile phone recorder.